Zambian Emerald

The Zambian emerald, although discovered in the late 40’s, was not commercially mined until the 1950’s. Today Zambia, located in south-central Africa, is one of the world’s leading producers of fine emeralds. The Zambian emerald is greatly esteemed for its remarkable clarity and its intense color: green through and through. It also retains its magnificent hue even in small stones of less than 0.5 ct.
Another attraction is price – Zambian emeralds are less expensive in the high-end ranges as prices are three to five times higher for Colombian emeralds than for Zambian, a factor attributable to worldwide demand. Zambia is the first emerald producer to give consumers who cannot spend the enormous sums charged for fine emeralds a chance to buy eye-clean stones on a regular basis.
If you would like to see a couple of truly beautiful Zambian emeralds stop in anytime and I’ll be happy to show them to you.