Once upon a time a long time ago in places far away this gemstone was thought to bring good fortune to the wear and even considered to be a holy stone. Turquoise was used as an inlay in the grave furnishings in Egyptian tombs dating from approximately 3000 BC. In the ancient Persian kingdom, turquoise was worn around the neck or wrist as a protection from unnatural death. The Persians (present day Iran) believed that if the turquoise changed color it meant that danger was at hand. The scientists later debunked this speculation and proved that color change can be caused by light, dust, cosmetics, or the acidity of the skin.
The Aztecs in Mexico, believing the stone was holy, once decorated their ceremonial masks with turquoise. You may have jewelry made with turquoise created by the Indians of North America. They still believe that the sky-blue gemstone creates a direct connection between the sky and the sea.Top quality turquoises are of a pure, brilliant sky blue. The most impressive turquoises come from deposits in the north of Iran. Deposits are also found in the USA, Mexico, Israel, China, and Afghanistan.