Tsavorite gets its name from the world-famous Tsavo National Park located in Kenya where only a few mines yield the shining green garnet. In 1967 Campbell R. Bridges, a British geologist was searching for gemstones in Tanzania (East Africa) when he came across some peculiar potato-like nodules of rock. After examining them he realized he had discovered green grossularite, a mineral that belongs to the colorful garnet group. He was impressed at the extraordinary color and superior clarity but the tremendous forces of nature over millions of years had damaged most of the crystals so badly that there were only grains or fragments to be found. Bridges postulated that the geologic seam bearing the gemstones might continue across the border into Kenya. He was right, and in 1971 he discovered tsavorite in neighboring Kenya. Here Bridges was able to register officially and begin to mine the deposit, but Africa would prove a challenge. To protect him self from wild animals he lived in a tree house, and to keep his gemstones from being stolen he used a python to watch over them. Now, thanks to Campbell Bridges, you can purchase vivid green tsavorite at a reasonable price and you won’t have to worry about the python.