There is an old Egyptian legend that says Tourmaline has a wide variety of colors because as it made its way up from the center of the earth that it passed over a rainbow and in so doing, it took on all the colors of the rainbow. Indeed, if you like variety of color in your gems, you will love Tourmaline as this lovely gem comes in an incomparable variety.
Even the name “Tourmaline” helps to define the gem as it comes from two Singhalese words “tura mali” which mean something like “stone with mixed colors.”
There are Tourmalines from red to green and from blue to yellow. They often have two or more colors in a single stone. There are Tourmalines that change their color when take them outdoors and then change again when brought into artificial light. No two tourmalines are exactly alike so you can probably find one to meet a variety of your personal needs or moods. The wide color spectrum of Tourmaline surpasses that of all other precious stones.
In ancient times magical powers were attributed to this stone. Today it is considered the gemstone of passion and friendship. Some believe that if you give your beloved a Tourmaline that your love will be miraculously enduring.
Tourmalines are found Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil and in California and Maine. The variety of price for the Tourmaline is almost as wide as the spectrum of its color so chances are there is a Tourmaline just for you.