The name sapphire is derived from the Greek meaning “blue”. The sapphire does have a deep rich blue that can vary all the way to a pale blue. It can also be found in almost every color in the spectrum including brown, orange, yellow, green indigo, violet, or mauve. Blue, however, is the most popular. So, when choosing a suitable sapphire, keep in mind the color you want. Which one you choose may depend on your skin tones, the type of jewelry you are wearing, and the particular fashion statement you wish to make. Also look at the quality of the stone. Examine it from all angles and ensure the color is even throughout the stone.Choose what YOU want, but most people choose blue. Why? Because sapphire blue symbolizes loyalty as in the term “true blue”. The blue can also give expression to love and longing as found in George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”. And do you remember the name of the first computer that succeeded in defeating a world chess champion? It was “Deep Blue”. The price of a sapphire can also make you blue as top quality sapphires are extremely rare.