Ruby: The King of Gems

For thousands of years the ruby has been considered the undisputed ruler in the world of gems with many hailing it the “King of Gemstones”! It has beautiful color, exceptional hardness, and a brilliance fit for a king’s crown making it one of the most valuable gemstones on earth, able to bring as much or more than a diamond of comparable size.
The most important feature of a ruby is its color with its transparency being of secondary importance. Inclusions, the solid, liquid, or gaseous foreign bodies enclosed within in a ruby, will not prejudice the quality of a ruby unless they diminish its transparency or are located right in the center of its table. Inclusions can even increase the value of a ruby because it is considered a fingerprint of the stone providing evidence of individuality and giving proof that it is of natural origin.
The most important ruby deposits in the world are found in the small town of Mong Hsu in the North-East of Myanmar (Southeast Asia). Deposits are also found in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania with minor deposits in other places around the world including Montana and North Carolina.
Beware of many imitations on the market, especially glass imitations and doublets (counterfeit gems made of two pieces, either of smaller gemstones, inferior stones, or glass). If you find the perfect ruby, may I suggest you buy it! It will cost you a small fortune but will bring you great pleasure, and will be an investment well worth keeping.