Rubellite Tourmaline

In the fascinating world of gemstones, there are few stones that present such a persuasive erotic aura as does the rubellite tourmaline. From tender pink to shocking pink! From intense violet to a bold ruby red! The nuances of colors of rubellite tourmaline provide the wearer with a variety of looks that some have called “pure seduction”!
Besides the exciting colors of rubellite tourmaline, there is another quality gemstone lovers appreciate…and that’s the consistency of their sparkle! A rubellite does not change its color because of differing light sources. A true rubellite shines as intensely in natural light as it does in artificial light.
Nature has formed the rubellite in many colors so every woman can find one to suit her style and grandeur – but it’s not always that easy to do – especially if she is looking for two or more stones of the same color. However, the extravagance and the beauty of this gem will bring great pleasure to anyone who wears one…or two…or three!