Multicolored Tourmaline

Over the last few week’s we’ve talked about tourmalines: rubellite (red/pink), green, paraiba (blue/green), yellow, and blue tourmalines. There is one more tourmaline that creators of specialized jewelry pieces love – the multicolored tourmaline. Because each multi-colored tourmaline is absolutely unique from the next jewelry makers are able to create absolutely inimitable works of art. Even two stones cut from the same raw crystal can differ in color adding to the varying possibilities for goldsmiths and designers.
Tourmalines are not only fashionable as jewelry but may also have therapeutic uses. Many believe they possess energizing and restorative qualities that come from their wealth of minerals and energetic conductivity.
If you own a multicolored tourmaline piece you can be almost positive that it is absolutely unique. If you don’t, ask your jeweler to show you one. They’re magnificent.