Need a little peace, love and joy? Try morganite!
Morganite was first classified with the colorful group of the beryls. Then in 1911, upon the suggestion of New York gemologist G. F. Kunz, the pink variety of beryl was named in honor of banker and mineral collector John Pierpont Morgan thus, morganite. Why? Probably because JP Morgan had become one of America’s most important collectors of gems and had assembled the most important gem collection in the U.S. consiting of over 1000 pieces.
Morganite features a pink tone that radiates charm, vivacity and tenderness that the colorless beryl does not have. So, if you’re still shopping for that perfect gift – a piece of morganite gemstone jewelry might be precisely what you need. For sure, it will enchant the wearer and endear her to you forever!
Some say the very site of morganite puts you in a good mood even when times are tough. Sounds like the perfect gemstone for today’s stress-filled world. We could all use a little peace, a little love, and a little joy!