Moonstone, one of June’s birthstones (along with Alexandrite and Pearl), has a mysterious shimmer like that of a bright summer moon. A lovely moonstone gem will play with the light and shadows using the discreet colors of beige-brown, green, orange, brown or blue making it an ideal stone for jewelry.
Some call it a “lover’s stone” because it bring to mind soft, tender feelings and transmits the true joy of love. It is also believed that your intuition and wisdom are increased when you wear a moonstone.
In India moonstones are regarded as “dream stones” that will bring the wearer delightful visions at night. In Arabic countries women are known to wear moonstones sewn into their garments and out of sight, for in their cultures the moonstone is a symbol of fertility.
Moonstones with a bluish shimmer come from Sri Lanka. Since they are becoming more rare as the years go by, their prices are always increasing. Other less rare Moonstones are found in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar.