Kunzite is a very young gemstone. In 1902 New York jeweler and gemstone specialist George Frederick Kunz (1856 – 1932) became the first person to provide a complete description of this stone, which had just been discovered in California. Tradition holds that any newly discovered gemstone is to be given the name of their discoverer or patron, hence the exotic sounding name, ‘kunzite’.
The allure of this gemstone is seen in its clarity and fine delicate pink nuances and a frequent touch of violet. These delicate, tender hues express a femininity and seductiveness that makes them popular for jewelry. Most kunzites show a light color and robust colored kunzite is rare and very valuable.
Mr. Kunz discovered a pale pink kunzite in the Pala District of San Diego County in California. Today, the prism-shaped crystals with their typical vertical striations are mainly found in Afghanistan, Madagascar, Brazil and the USA. The crystals, or fragments of crystals, often badly eaten away, can attain sizes of up to several kilograms.