Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, however green is considered the classical tourmaline color, or should I say shades of green. Some are very light green, and others are so dark that the green color can only be seen when held against a bright light. The blue-green to dark green tourmalines are the most popular but also the most rare, perhaps because they are worn by both men and women.
Don’t let the variety of names for tourmalines confuse you. A bottle-green tourmaline my be referred to as a “Brazilian tourmaline” but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the stone came from Brazil…it could have come from Africa. Tourmalines that are a lighter green are often referred to as “African Tourmalines” but it doesn’t necessarily mean they came from Africa…they might have come from Brazil. Totally confused? Me too. Let’s make it simple: If the origin of your tourmaline is important – ask a trustworthy gemologist.
Green tourmalines must be cut with special care to preserve their distinctive sparkle and color. To cut them the wrong way could cause the stone to be too light or too dark.
You’ll love a green tourmaline ring or necklace because the colors are harmonious with the environment and transmit a stunning vivacity.