Red is the color most often connected to this gemstone that is often found in antique jewelry. However, the world of garnets is far more colorful than that just red Spectacular finds, especially in Africa, have enhance the traditional image of the garnet with a number of lovely hues including shades of green, a variety of yellows, a blazing orange and some very nice earth-colored shades. The only color never found in a garnet is blue. This number of garnet hues has enabled this gemstone to continue to be trendy and stylish.

While fairly common, the garnets have some rare stones such as star garnets whose color changes depending on whether displayed in artificial or natural light. Garnets are found in several African countries, India, Russia and Central and South America. Skilled hand of cutters all over the world over cut garnets into both classical and designer shapes. If your jewelry features a garnet stone you can be confident that it will last a long time and the brilliance given to it by Nature will never dim.