Conch pearl

The conch pearl is a gemstone you’ve probably never heard of because they are so very rare. Why are they rare? Because it takes about 10,000 Queen Conchs to find one conch pearl and only 1 in 100 of those are of gem quality. And guess what? They are also very expensive. And if you are lucky enough to find a matched set for earrings, they will cost you even more.
If you find a conch pearl look for their distinctive “flame structure” – it is the only gem on earth to show this effect.
You will not find these pearls in most local jewelry stores, and many jewelers won’t even know what you are talking about should you ask to see one. There are only a few places on earth conch pearls can be found: Key West Florida (also known as the Conch Republic), and the Caribbean. If you ask about conch pearls in either of these places you might want to practice using the proper pronunciation so you don’t sound like a two-dollar tourist: “Conch” is pronounced “conk”.