Chrome Diopside

The only thing ugly about a chrome diopside gem is its name.
Chrome diopside? Whoever it was who thought up that name should be sent to live in a cheap costume jewelry manufacturing plant for 5 – 7 years without the possibility of parole! This is not a car polish or a social disease, for crying out loud, it’s a gem that features a rich green color and better yet, an incredibly low price. It may well be one of the most affordable pure rich green gems on the market today! So if your check book is low and you need to impress your loved one…think chrome diopside.
Ok, so there is one small drawback: Most chrome diopside gems are small. The larger rarer sizes become so rich in green that they are almost too dark. Ok, so there is yet another small drawback: they are relatively soft, with a hardness of only 5.5. Best you wear them as earrings or as a pendant rather than a ring.
But remember the good news: chrome diopside bears a rich green color and is usually available at an affordable price.