Blue Tourmaline

The tourmaline gemstone group offers gemstone enthusiasts a great variety of colors. However, not all colors occur with equal frequency and they are not equally well known.
A pure blue tourmaline with a fervent, translucent, radiant blue is one of the rarest gemstones around. They are highly valued because they are quite scarce and incredibly beautiful. Additional value may come from what some think they do for the wearer. Gemstone therapists* say the blue tourmaline makes people both honest and tolerant.
Blue tourmalines have quite a complex structure so cutting them demands patience and experience, something few lapidaries have. The inside of a tourmaline can have areas of tension that can cause the stone to crack while being worked on. A cutter can easily ruin a tourmaline by holding it the wrong way against his cutting-wheel. Once a tourmaline survives the cutting process it is a rather tough gemstone that requires little care.
If you’re one of the fortunate few who own a blue tourmaline – the pleasure will be all yours and yours for a very long time!
Blue tourmalines originate mostly in Paraiba in northern Brazil. They can also be found in Namibia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.
*Did you know there was such a thing?