This gem may introduce a new word to your vocabulary: pleochroic. Pleochroic is gemstonespeak for “shows different colors in different directions.” Andalusite is pleochroic – so the goal of the gem-cutter is to shape a stone so it gains a pleasing mix of colors: orange-brown and a yellowish green or gold. When successful, andalusite takes on a unique look dissimilar to any other gemstone. A well-cut andalusite will reveal patterns of dancing colors through the facets. It seems to work best when the gem is cut into a rectangular shape – like a cushion; then the color play is wonderful.
If you like earth tones you’ll love andalusite. If you prefer affordable gemstones, that’s another reason to consider andalusite. It is a gemstone that seems to attract the attention of men. Perhaps because it is durable and affordable!
Andalusite was first discovered in Andalusia, a province of Spain, that’s how it got its unusual name. Today andalusite can be found in Brazil and Sri Lanka and maybe even at YOUR local jewelry store.